Sputnikfest 2014


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Friday, September 28, 2012

The alien pet contest for Sputnikfest 2012 saw a variety of entries that would have warranted an additional chapter in Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials. 
Posted here is a photo of The Cat from Planet Yoda – a rare hairless Sphinx cat breed dressed up for the occasion.  The first photo shows this Kosmic Kitty Kat Cat in his landing craft surveying the local terrain. The second photo shows yours truly (Planet Terry) protecting this space-faring feline from falling space debris with a specially designed (and highly classified) hand-held Sputnik Repelling Space Debris Shield.    

Keep sending in your addresses.  On October 16 someone will be the proud owner of a Sputnik Event Staff t-shirt!  Planet Terry

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sputnikfest 2012 was a huge success.  It was a blast!  In the months leading up to the event I tried to post in this forum at least once a week.  For the next few months I will be posting a little less frequently, but I do intend to keep posting - and will ramp up again & post more frequently as we near Sputnikfest 2013 (gee, I suppose I'll have to change the title of the blog)
From the cake auction to the alien pet contest to the aluminum foil costume contest - you just had to be there.  The pictures don't do the event justice, but I do have lots of great photos to share and will be posting these in this forum from time to time. I'll start with this group of Sputnikfest partiers which I will call the "Area 51 Bikers."  This group apparently attended both Lobsterfest and Sputnikfest (I gather that from the lobster necklaces they are wearing) and they do know how to celebrate the day - they came properly attired with aluminum foil hats!
I quoted Sherry Dewane in a previous post as saying that anything in Wisconsin with "fest" in the name means "enough beer to launch a satellite."  That was the certainly the situation at Sputnikfest this year, but I am happy to report that everyone celebrated responsibly, in accordance with the "little reminders" posted all along the bar at the event.  (see below).

I can tell from the "statistics" area of this blog that people from all over the world have been reading my ramblings here since I started posting.  If you are reading, I am curious as to what brought you to this forum.  What is your interest in Sputnikfest?  Or were you searching on some related term and just happened to stumble onto this blog?
I have decided to institute a contest, of sorts - if you are reading this and are motivated to share your address by the possibility of winning a free t-shirt, here is the deal: Email me at sputnikfest@gmail.com - tell me what your interest in Sputnikfest is, or at least what you were looking for when you found this blog - and give me your mailing address.  Today is September 16, 2012.  I will keep track of everyone who emails me - and one month from today, on October 16, 2012, I will select one address at random and mail you - completely free (I'll cover the shipping costs whether domestic or international) a Sputnikfest Event Staff t-shirt.  This will be a "large" lime green t-shirt worn at the event by yours truly.  (Don't worry, I'll wash it first.)  Not available to the general public, these are very limited in availability - they feature the Sputnikfest logo on the front and "EVENT STAFF" on the back.  Sort of like winning a "game worn jersey," from your favorite team, no?  Okay - probably not.  But I look forward to hearing from you!  Planet Terry [follow-up note - this shirt was sent to a reader from Australia!]

Friday, September 7, 2012

The night before Sputnikfest and all through the town
The hype has been building – the press gathering round
Telling stories of space-junk that fell down from space
And raised Cold-War fears at the height of the race
Between East and the West to see who could be first
To conquer the heavens - break free from the earth.
Though back at the time this event seemed quite scary,
In historical context, we choose to make merry
We honor our past and we now think its neat -
That the Russians back then punched a hole in our street.
So join us tomorrow and find out just why
We are glad that this Sputnik fell down from the sky! 
See you tomorrow.  Planet Terry