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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Coming! September 8, 2012!
Sputnikfest!  Wacky-Tacky Fun!  FREE Wacky Tacky Fun, for the whole family.  If you have been to one of the previous annual Sputnikfest celebrations, you KNOW how what a unique, fun, and absolutely cool event this is.  You may even know a bit of the history of the event.  For those of you have yet to be initiated into the select group of Sputnikfest Alumni - or who don't know the history of this event - keep checking this blog over the next several months between now and September 28, 2012.  A dedicated group of volunteers is working hard to make sure that the 2012 edition of Sputnikfest is bigger, better, wackier, and tackier than ever.  2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the day the Cold War hit home in the Heartland of America.  On September 5, 1962 Russia's Sputnik IV burned up on re-entry into the atmosphere and a 20-pound piece landed right smack dab in the middle of the street - almost exactly on the centerline - in front of what is now the Rahr-West Art Museum in Manitowoc Wisconsin.  Though the event was of obvious historical significance, it was largely ignored by the community for many years, in part because ... in the years following the Cold War, who really wanted to celebrate the Russians bombing us with a piece of space junk?  Check back for updates on the 2012 Sputnikfest event, history, trivia and lots more FUN Sputnikety stuff!  Planet Terry

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