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Friday, June 1, 2012

You may remember the scene from the movie “Signs” where the characters put on aluminum foil hats so the aliens can’t read their minds.  Aluminum foil hats have long been associated with paranoid conspiracy theorists – worn, supposedly, to block signals from outer space or government mind-control rays.  The effectiveness of an aluminum foil hat in blocking certain types of radio signals has actually been studied by some engineering students at MIT, who found their utility to be a bit questionable.  In fact, the study concluded that an aluminum foil hat may actually amplify certain frequencies!  If you are really serious about blocking those mind control rays – why stop at just a hat?  Why not a complete aluminum foil suit?  You can perfect your aluminum foil wardrobe and compete with others for prizes at the annual Sputnikfest Aluminum Foil Costume Contest!  So many of the activities at Sputnikfest are completely free – and this is one of them.  All you have to do is show up and register!  When you register, you get: 10 yards of aluminum foil, some colored tape, a few Sputnikfest decals, and a coat hanger.  Using only those materials, you fashion your most creative aluminum foil costume.  Judging takes place three hours after registration opens – so the sooner you register and get your materials, the more time you have to work on your costume.  Pictured on the right is one creative contestant from a previous Sputnikfest.  So – put your thinking caps on (foil, of course) and start thinking of what you could create with thirty feet of aluminum foil.  You could win valuable prizes – while blocking government mind-control rays at the same time!  See you on September 8.  Planet Terry

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