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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alien Pet Contest

Pets in Space?  This Discovery News article says it is possible.  Of course - as the article is talking about worms, I think these people may have too overbroad a definition of the term "pets."  

Nathaniel Szewczyk, associate professor in the Division of Clinical Physiology at The University of Nottingham is quoted as saying "Clearly worms are not people."  (That's why he's a scientist.) 

"We would love to send worms to places like Mars and/or other planets," Szewczyk said. "The key challenge ... is to convince governments and/or funding agencies that this can and should be done."  
Good luck getting funding for that.  We have a hard enough time getting sponsors for Sputnikfest - and we've got Elvis AND Vader'sFist on our side!

If they do get ready to start sending pets into space, we have some potential candidates right here.  

Contestants in this year's Alien Pet Contest included this distant cousin of a Gorn, 

a pair of Conehead Pooches, 

and this little Space Pup.  (oh yeah, he looks real happy to be here)  And when the pets take over the world, you know they are going to get even with us for this!  Thanks for checking back in.  And see you - and next year's Alien Pet contestants - at Sputnikfest 2014!  Planet Terry

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