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Sunday, March 31, 2013

 “I Saw Elvis.  He Sat Between Me and Bigfoot on the UFO.”  T-Shirt Saying
In 1962 Elvis’s career was on a meteoric rise.  Return to Sender was released that year and Elvis began filming his 12th movie, “It Happened At the World’s Fair.”  (An interesting bit of trivia – check the film trailer to see Kurt Russell’s debut as a youngster kicking Elvis in the shin.  Kurt would later play Elvis in a 1979 TV movie directed by John Carpenter) 
The hit Elvis song Burning Love was used to wake up the astronauts on the Skylab space station in 1974.  The Elvis Today Blog says that Hound Dog is actually the "most played" Elvis song in outer space. 

Aloha from Hawaii was broadcast live via satellite in 1973.  And at this year’s Sputnikfest you will be able to see Elvis live (sort of) at the site where another satellite, Sputnik IV crashed to Earth. 
Why Elvis?  Why not?  Sputnikfest has always strived to feature “Wacky Tacky Fun” – and isn’t there something more than a little tacky about even the best Elvis impersonator?  Yes – Sputnikfest 2013 will feature a performance by an Elvis impersonator.  Bigfoot is not on the bill.  See you on September 7.  Planet Terry

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