Sputnikfest 2014


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The weather in Manitowoc on St. Patrick’s Day was a bit chilly, but the mid-forties temperatures didn’t stop Miss Space Debris, “Queen of All that is Sputnik” from making a traditional parade appearance in the back of a convertible for the annual Manitowoc St. Patrick's Day Parade.  
Miss Space Debris is a title awarded at each year's Sputnikfest by a committee of judges who review potential candidates on a list of qualifications, including a talent competition.  See photo below of part of the 2012 Sputnikfest Miss Space Debris talent competition - what appears to be a female Gorn is at the microphone with two other Miss Space Debris competitors waiting at left.  The finalist with the country & western attire sang a rather impressive take off of a Patsy Cline classic, telling the story of Sputnik IV with “I Fell To Pieces.”  See also the Coneheads observing from the front row of the audience.  The winner of the Miss Space Debris title agrees to help promote Sputnikfest at events, such as Manitowoc’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade over the next year.  Watch for Her Space Debri-ness this Summer at various venues leading up to this year's Sputnikfest on September 7, 2013.  Planet Terry

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