Sputnikfest 2014


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Sunday, March 16, 2014

In an effort to keep things new and fresh and exciting, Sputnikfest 2014 will feature some changes from prior years - hopefully all positive and all in the spirit of wacky, tacky fun.
Some Sputnikfest events will be put on hiatus, some will be changed up a bit, and there will be some entirely new events.
Gone for 2014: The Cosmic Cake Contest.  For those of you who look forward to this event each year - please find another creative outlet at Sputnikfest this year.  There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and exercise your creative talents.

NEW EVENT for 2014!  A Cardboard Spaceship Downhill Derby!  At an organizational meeting we were brainstorming ideas for new events - and realized we have a nice long downhill stretch of street, on the South side of the Sputnikfest grounds, which really has been underutilized in past events.  We decided to start a downhill derby event - kind of similar to a soapbox derby - with a "Crash Your Own Sputnik" theme.  The exact logistics and rules for the event are still being worked out and will be posted here at a later date - but this event has a lot of exciting potential and I wanted to get it out there asap to get some of you at least thinking about putting together an entry.  The entry fee will be minimal.  We are
looking for cardboard home-made spaceships on rolling human powered chassis.  Prizes will be awarded for creativity and for best downhill time - with the spaceships "soft landing" in bales of hay at the downhill end of the street.  

Keep checking back for more details on this year's Sputnikfest - and see you here in Manitowoc on September 6, 2014!  Planet Terry

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