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Sunday, April 6, 2014

David Letterman announced his pending retirement this past week.  Here is a photo I found online of what he looked like as a Freshman at Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis, Indiana - in 1962 - the year that the Sputnik IV space debris crash-landed in Manitowoc. 

And in honor of David Letterman, here are the -  

Top  Ten Reasons to Attend Sputnikfest 2014

10.  Lots of free children's activities.  For example, kids get to make a toy spaceship, robot, or raygun.

9.  Get up close and personal with Elvis AND Star Wars characters at the same venue.

8.  Lots of free entertainment on the main stage - watch the Alien Pet Contest and the Miss Space Debris Pageant.

7.  Enjoy great music - also on the main stage and also free.

6. See the historically accurate (sort of ... a little bit ... okay, not-so-much) re-enactment of the launch and re-entry of Sputnik IV.

5. See people (and statues) in aluminum foil hats - and Aliens.

4. Sample an out-of-this-world assortment of edible delights.

3. Shop hand-crafted artwork from local artisans or a unique assortment of Sputnikfest merchandise, including limited edition posters by Tina Kugler.

1. Have your picture taken near the brass ring that marks the Sputnik IV impact site - without having to dodge traffic.  

See you on September 6.  Planet Terry.  

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