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Sunday, June 8, 2014

SPUTNIKFEST 2014 ... It's less than three months away now!

If you visit Manitowoc for Sputnikfest this year, you may notice a change to the downtown cityscape.  The Mirro Aluminum manufacturing facility on Washington Street, idled in 2003, is coming down. 

Mirro had a proud history in Manitowoc - manufacturing aluminum goods since 1909.  In 1958, only a year after Sputnik 1 made history - Mirro debuted its Mirro Medallion line of futuristic styled aluminum giftware.  

The Mirro Medallion line is now recognized for its mid-century modern design elements and prized by collectors.  The line of aluminum housewares was intended as high-end giftware and was a bit pricey for its time - the various pieces sold for between $8.00 and $22.00.  There was some price resistance by consumers and by 1960 Mirro stopped production.  

Given the limited production window of only two years - the Mirro Medallion pieces are hard to come by today.   The "atomic starburst" emblem appearing on the pieces is quite distinctive and the design of the line was definitely ahead of its time.  

It is unfortunate that the "sputnik era" Mirro Medallion line "crashed" before Sputnik IV did. 

Make plans now to visit Manitowoc on September 6, 2014 for Sputnikfest - and while you are in town, check out the demolition site on Washington Street to see the birthplace of Mirro Medallion line.

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