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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Check This Out!

Possibly the one of the earliest official government documents related to the Sputnik crash in Manitowoc on September 5, 1962.  Courtesy of the Leonard David collection/Sputnik V Documents.  Mr. David, proprietor of the website Space.com, which has featured Sputnikfest related stories in the past, graciously provided a scan of a telegram date-stamped September 6, 1962.  The telegram, from the State Department to the US Embassy in Moscow, suggests a possible response to "press inquiries or requests by the Soviets for return of fragment."  Thanks, David!  

Exclusive Preview!  Sneak Preview of Custom Artwork
Created for Sputnikfest 2014 by Steve Baughman of Spindrift Art.  Steve will be at Sputnikfest this year with his unique style of space-themed art. 

Steve says he created this piece just because he "thought it'd be fun for the festival" and says he is "counting down the days" until Sputnikfest. 

Are you?  
See in Manitowoc on September 6, 2014.  Be there or be ... not Spuntik-ey!

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