Sputnikfest 2014


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!  If you check your Google logo today (they call this the Google "Doodle") it is done up in red, white & blue/stars & stripes with the text "This Land Was Made for You and Me" - the folk song written by Woodie Guthrie in 1940 - that most of us probably learned and sang in gradeschool chorus.  Google does have fun with their logo, altering the text slightly to honor a wide variety of holidays, special occasions and historical figures.  In October of 2007 they caught a little bit of heat from some corners for commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Sputnik I, by replacing the second "g" in Google with a depiction of the Soviet satellite.  A few days after the doodle appeared, the Los Angeles Times noted that the move was "blasted by some conservatives" who found it "galling" that Google honored "an achievement by a totalitarian regime that was our Cold War enemy."  Really, people?  Really?  Well, we hope to see everyone at Sputnikfest this year - conservatives, liberals, independents, agnostics, atheists, all races and creeds - even aliens are welcome.  Sputnikfest truly is an event "made for you and me."  See you in Manitowoc September 8, 2012.  Planet Terry

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