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Sunday, July 29, 2012

You say potato – I say potahto …  So, what is the proper pronunciation for the word “Sputnik” anyway?  Purists will tell you it is to be pronounced “Spootnik” with the long “oo” sound like “boot.”  That is the way it is pronounced in Russia – and since it was their deal, we probably should follow their lead.  But most people I hear will say “Sputnik” with the short “ut” sound – like “mutt.”  Here is a web-page with audio clips of the word pronounced by three different people.  The voice from the Czech Republic actually pronounces the word “Spootneek.”  The 1957 “rockabilly” song Sputnik (Satellite Girl) by Jerry Engler went with “Spootnik” while the Equadors sang "Sputnik" with more Americanized pronunciation in their 1958 Sputnik Dance song.  Whichever way you say it - be there in Manitowoc on September 8 for the celebration!  Planet Terry

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