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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sputnikfest continues to gain recognition!  In 2010 Sputnikfest was named by Readers Digest as one of the top five Funky American Festivals.  This year, Sputnikfest goes INTERNATIONAL!  Here’s the scoop: All Over the Place is a children’s television program produced by the BBC.  The format is a combination of fun and education – from what I see of it, reminds me a little of some of the shows one might have seen on the Nickelodeon network.  The show’s producers travelled all over the UK during the first two seasons – filming events and locations as varied as the Air Guitar World Championships, a Bat Hospital on the Isle of Wight, and the world’s largest vacuum cleaner collection.  Well, for the third season (being filmed right now for broadcast in 2013) “All Over the Place” is leaping the “big pond” and filming unique locations in the U.S.  – including SPUTNIKFEST!   The organizers of Sputnikfest have been in discussions with the producers of All Over the Place for some time now and just this past week have received confirmation.  All Over the Place will indeed be filming at Sputnikfest 2012.  The cast of the show aren’t just passive observers of the events they showcase – they are very hands on!  As of this writing, it appears that members of the show’s cast will be participating in the Aluminum Foil Costume Contest!  So, if you needed just one more reason to make it to Sputnikfest 2012 – this should be it.  Be there to see a BBC film crew at work and participating in Sputnikfest events!  And you just might even find yourself featured on a BBC television program!  See you in Manitowoc September 8 – Planet Terry.

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