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Monday, September 2, 2013


Less than a week until Sputnikfest!  This guy is leaving his spaceship at home and making the trip by car!  (some of you may recognize this as a Speed Racer repaint)  One of the popular events at each year's Sputnikfest are the Space Pod Raffles! 
Remember that this event is absolutely free and exceedingly family friendly - it's for kids of all ages!   But is a fundraising event for the children's art programs at the Rahr-West Art Museum - and there are optional activities aimed toward that end.  The
Space Pod Raffle is one of them.  See a previous post for details on how these work, but here is a sneak peak at just one of prize packages you could win if you participate - and believe me, the Force is definitely "with" this Space Pod!  Total estimated value for this selection is at least $150.  This lot will include:
  • a hard to find "Dude Trooper" embroidered patch
  • a leather-bound Star Wars Trilogy - the Barnes & Noble exclusive, still sealed
  • a Space Escapade CD - (see a prior post here discussing this Les Baxter space-age classic)
  • a set of 9 original 1977 Star Wars greeting cards put out by Drawing Board - clean un-used greeting cards with original envelopes
  • Star Wars Return of the Jedi Illustrated Edition - 1983 First Edition, mint condition
  • Plus - the One-Of-A-Kind custom-made Sputnik-Mobile with Alien Driver
  • AND a complete set of Topps Star Wars Series 2 trading cards - a FULL set, with 66 cards and 11 stickers - plus one wax-pack wrapper
This is just one of the Space Pods that will be available.  Be there next Saturday to see them all! 

Something else you will be able to see - a video of the BBC program "All Over the Place" - the part of the episode featuring last year's Sputnikfest.  The BBC television show visited Sputnikfest last year and provided the video recording to the Rahr West Museum for promotional purposes.  BE THERE to see this - because it is likely the only place this side of the "big pond" that you can!

See you next Saturday!  Planet Terry

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