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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wisconsin Garrison - 501st Legion, Vader's Fist

What has become an annual treat at Sputnikfest, was once again one of the high points of the event.  A large contingent of the Wisconsin Garrison 501st Legion/Vader's Fist ("The Star Wars People!") was in attendance.

A wide variety of characters were in attendance - various officers and officials of the Empire to Jawas and even Bossk, the reptilian bounty hunter.  

In the Star Wars universe, these are the bad guys, of course.  But despite the intimidating name "Vader's Fist" - these volunteers know it can be "good" to be bad.  
They invest their own money in their professional quality costumes (see a prior post on details) and these big-hearted Star Wars re-enactors ask for no payment whatsoever for themselves.  All they ask is that a donation to charity be made in their name.  

The weather for this year's event was a bit warm for the time of the year and you gotta know it was pretty warm inside of some of those costumes.  

The photo below shows a group of the Wisconsin Garrison relaxing - and cooling off - in what was a very popular feature of this year's Sputnikfest celebration - a hospitality room for event volunteers.  I did ask these folks if they minded my taking a photo of them partially out of uniform and the graciously consented.  

Some of the feedback from the Stars Wars people this year included "This is my favorite event of the year" - "I love that we are not the only ones who dress up" and "We so fit in at this event!" 

My sentiments exactly.  This is one of my favorite events, I love seeing all the people that get into the spirit of the day, and the Star Wars characters really do fit in at the event.  If you have been at Sputnikfest to celebrate the day with us, you know that.  If you haven't - but have any interest at all in space age history, Star Wars, or just Wacky Tacky Fun - you'd fit in here too.  See you next year!  Planet Terry 

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